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To drink with the eyes, to taste with the heart.

The Train of the Wines of Etna is a unique way to experience a unique place in the world. Travelling the slopes of Etna, the biggest European volcano, by the lowered gauge motor coach of the Ferrovia Circumetnea, and then taking the Wine Bus in order to see the “Strade del Vino dell’Etna” (the Roads of the Wine of Etna) and freely discover the most beautiful wine cellars of Etna.


You travel at the pace of the “muntagna” (Sicilian dialect word for mountain) on board of the train, which has been in ope- ration through these places for about one hundred twenty years, to enjoy and under- stand the ingredients which gives life to this wine-growing and wine-producing area: light, lava, sun, sea, the passion and the contradictions of the people living in here.

While the guides of The Train of the Wines of Etna tell you about all this, from the sea level you will reach the areas of Parco dell’Etna (Etna Park) and Parco Fluviale dell’Alcantara (Fluvial Park of Alcantara).

You get off from the train in Randazzo and you get on board of the Wine Bus, reaching some of the most beautiful wine cellars, immersed in these wonderful places. The itinerary includes a visit to two wineries and a historic center where you can lunch in complete freedom.


Please note that: the guides of the Wine Bus are also able to show you the typical local products which will tickle your taste buds even more!

Times and dates of the tour
















Departure from Riposto on board of the Train of the Wines of Etna. of the Ferrovia Circumetnea.


Until September the train leaves from Piedimonte Etneo instead of Riposto.
(A free transfer will be guaranteed from Riposto to Piedimonte Etneo, through a FCE - Ferrovia Circumetnea - bus service at the times indicated in the table)


Arrival in Randazzo.


Departure of the Wine Bus from Randazzo.


Departure from Randazzo, for the traveller’s return, on board of The Train of the Wines of Etna.






Arrival of the train in Riposto and end of the tour.


Until September the train arrives in Piedimonte Etneo instead of Riposto.

(A free transfer will be guaranteed from Piedimonte Etneo to Riposto, through a FCE bus service at the times indicated in the table)

Dates of the tour

The tour is available from the 30th of April as follows:



05 - 14 - 19 - 28

02 - 11 - 16 - 25 - 30

09 - 14 - 23 - 28

06 - 11 - 20 - 25

03 - 08 - 17 - 22

01 - 06 - 15 - 20 - 29

03 - 12 - 17 - 28


Dates and times can be subject to change.
You are always invited to checkthe updated information through the websites and the numbers of the organisers.

Prices and tickets

TOUR “The Train of the Wines of Etna” + 2 Wine Tastings: € 47,00

It is possible to purchase the tickets of The Tour The Train of the Wines of Etna at the price of € 23,00 on board of the train of the Ferrovia Circumetnea, on board of the Wine Bus, in the information point of the “Strada del Vino dell’Etna” in Piedimonte Etneo, in all the stores showing the logo “Around Etna” and in all the FCE stations.


The ticket includes the travel by train, the Wine Bus.

It is possible to purchase the wine tastings by showing the tour ticket for carers on board the train, at the price of
€ 12,00.


The purchase of the tour ticket does not either include or makes compulsory the purchase of the wine tasting.

Children 0-4: free ticket, without seat assignment.

Children 5-12: reduced ticket € 10,00.


For organizational reasons, the reservation is always required. Reservations will close at 14:00 on the day before the tour date. For the reservations of groups departing from Catania, please contact Ferrovia Circumetnea.
For the reservations of groups departing from Taormina, contact G.A.L. Terre dell’Etna e dell’Alcantara.

In case of cancellation or renunciation, it is possible to postpone the itinerary to another date of the schedule, according to the availability, subject to communication within 2 days before the departure.


For further information, we suggest you to visit the organisers’ websites.

Places and attractions

1. Randazzo

Medieval Town Centre

2. Fattoria Romeo del Castello

3. Feudo Vagliasindi

4. Verzella

Valle Alcantara Museum

5. Pietramarina


6. Gurne dell’Alcantara

Fluvial Park of Alcantara

7. Castiglione di Sicilia

Town Centre
Regional Wine Shop
Sine tempore

8. Linguaglossa (Matrice Place)

Town Centre
Etna Park
Trattoria Linguagrossa
Vinetna Wine Shop


9. Vivera

10. Scilio

11. Linguaglossa (FCE Station)

12. Sole Neve

13. Benanti

14. Rovittello

Tenuta di Fessina

15. Solicchiata

Conte Uvaggio

16. Wiegner

Patria Wine Cellars

17. Passopisciaro

Antichi Vinai
Planeta Sciara Nuova

18. Montelaguardia


Terre dell’Etna

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"Strada del Vino dell'Etna"

(Road of the Wine of Etna)

Contacts for
information and reservations

Ferrovia Circumetnea

Via Caronda, 352/A

95128 Catania

Tel. +39 095 54 12 50

G.A.L. Terre dell’Etna e dell’Alcantara

Via dei Caduti, 3

95036 Randazzo (CT)

Tel. +39 095 799 22 30

+39 342 154 8124

Associazione “Strada del Vino dell’Etna”

Via Mazzini, 5
95017 Piedimonte Etneo (CT)

Tel. +39 349 924 4672

Around Etna

Via dei Caduti n°3

95036 Randazzo (CT)

Tel. +39 334 7654168


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